Mum Issues Terrifying Warning After Toddler Son Breaks Into Fenced Pool Area

A concerned mother has issued a terrifying warning after she captured footage of her young son climbing over the pool fence.

Krystal Hill, from Perth, shared footage of the chilling incident to Facebook explaining that her three-year-old, who can't swim yet, climbed up on a toy car and opened the pool gate so that he and his sister could enter the pool area.

"I am in a bit of shock at the moment," she said.

She explained how she sat back and watched the event unfold because she was curious as to whether her son could actually open the safety gate on his own.

After seeing that he could, Hill said she wanted to alert other parents to the issue.

Image: Facebook

"Sometimes just a pool gate isn’t enough. We will now be padlocking the gate but this is still no guarantee," she said in the post.

"They can’t be out the back without full supervision anymore and if I’m busy doing something else inside I will be locking the back door. I am a bit shaken up over this."

Later on she thanked people for their messages of support, noting other parents had shared images and videos of their own children managing to get into the pool area on their own, proving it is a widespread concern.

Others sent her safety tips.

"So many have sent me safety ideas and have even checked if I am okay after the experience," she explained.

Hill said some individuals even shared stories about losing a child or grandchild  in their backyard pool

"Most of these children used their toes to climb onto the pool fence and climb over it or placed chairs and other objects against the fence. They didn't even need to use the gate," she posted.

"I am so saddened by this. Thank you all for reaching out."

The video has since received more than 1.7 million views.