'He's Like A Greyhound': Mullet-Sporting Tackle Shop Worker Chases Down 'Teen Thieves'

A shop employee in the Top End has been caught on camera engaging in a risky chase with a pair of alleged teen thieves.

Security footage from Top End Tackle World shows employee Harry Sutcliffe-Woelders bursting through the shop door to chase down the duo, who allegedly tried to steal two rods and reels worth more than $1000 a pop.

Sutcliffe-Woelders, an employee of the tackle shop in Coolalinga -- 10km southeast of Darwin -- said he knew something was off when the teenagers bolted from the store and the security alarm began to beep, the NT News reported.

Image: Top End Tackle World

Without thinking twice, Sutcliffe-Woelders chased the 14 and 17-year-old into an underground carpark about 400 metres away.

The pursuit became tricky when the teens started weaving between cars, but nothing was going to stand in Sutcliffe-Woelders' way.

In a video shared to Facebook, shop owner Shane Compain explained how he also ran after the pair after watching the event unfold on security cameras.

He claimed the teens had wandered into the shop and straight over to the most expensive rods.

"What they didn’t know was, we had young Harry on this day," he said.

"He's not a man, he’s like a greyhound. He was out the door and after them flat out."

"We made our first-ever citizens arrest, which was pretty cool."

Both youths appeared in court on Tuesday on charges of stealing. They are due to reappear on February 3.