WATCH: Motorcyclist Rescues iPad From Bonnet Of Moving Car

A motorbike rider has been filmed pulling off a daring tech rescue while travelling along a Sydney tunnel during peak hour.

In a video posted on Reddit, the motorcyclist can be seen riding next to a car when he notices a tablet sitting on the bonnet.

It's understood both were travelling through Sydney's M5 tunnel on Monday morning. The tunnel has a speed limit of 80kph.

When the motorbike rider noticed the tablet sitting on the car bonnet, they began pointing and shouting at the driver to get their attention.

"Do you want it in there?" the motorcyclist asked.

A motorcyclist notices a tablet on a car driving through the M5 tunnel. Reddit / fusionjolt

The rider then starts to cross lanes and veer towards the car.

He then picks up the tablet and passes it through the window to the driver. The rider then moves back into their lane and rides off.

Some commenters said the rider went 'above and beyond' to help a stranger. However, others felt they risked their life to retrieve the tablet.

The motorcyclist handed over the tablet before riding off. Image: Reddit / fusionjolt

10 daily has reached out to the rider for comment.



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