WATCH: Huge Dust Storm Turns Day Into Night In Dubbo

Incredible vision has emerged from the moment a huge dust storm rolled through the city of Dubbo in regional NSW on Sunday night.

The storm swept through parts of the state's Orana Region on Sunday evening before enveloping the streets of Dubbo just before 8pm.

Image: Rebecca Ward.

Locals have been sharing dozens of images of the huge cloud rolling through Dubbo, with many commenting that it turned day into night, with darkness settling in early from the thickness of the dust.

Image: Annabelle Amos.
Image: Kim Goldsmith

One video shared on Twitter showed a car driving towards the storm before pulling over as the camera vision goes dark just moments after the dust overtakes them.

Others have shared videos of the thick dust envelopping backyards and local streets.

Less than an hour after the storm rolled through, rain began falling in Dubbo.

A number of towns nearby also said their communities had been hit by the dust on Sunday evening.



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