The WA Town Where A Large Group Of Emus Is Taking Over The Streets

The streets of a small town in Western Australia are being taken over by more than a dozen emus and it's divided some locals over what to do about them.

The tiny town of Nannup in the south-west of WA has been a visiting spot for emu families, which are believed to live nearby, over the last few months.

A recent influx of a number of the flightless Aussie birds -- which have been filmed running through Nannup's streets repeatedly over the last couple of months --  has sparked a warning from the town's council and divided some locals.

Many of the town's residents and visitors have shared pictures and videos of the animals online since before Christmas, but the Shire of Nannup said while it loves wildlife, the growing number of emus in the town is becoming "a bit of a nuisance."

"I have been here most of my life and it's the first time we've seen such a pack of this size in town, and it's clear their numbers are not in decline," Nannup Shire President Tony Dean told the ABC this week.

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Last week the Council posted a number of suggestions to its locals in a bid to "deter" the birds, which included urging people not to feed the animals, not approach them, make loud noises and even to spray them with a high-pressure hose.

But a number of residents said they were against removing the emus, insisting the wild animals should be left alone.

"How about we take care around them and just leave them be?," one person said on Facebook.

Another added that the town's land was probably the emus' home first and that "if anything we are the nuisance".

It forced the council to clarify its earlier comments, issuing another post on Facebook earlier this week saying it has never "endorsed nor supported any culling of the local emu population."

Image: Nannup Caravan Park/Facebook

The Shiree of Nannup said that water from hoses was only recommended to deter or scare off emus if people were confronted by the animals.

The council added that the management of emu populations in the town was the responsibility of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

"The Shire of Nannup is arranging for signs to be positioned at each entrance of Town informing drivers that emus are present in the area and to take care when driving," a post on the council's Facebook page said.

"Please be aware these are wild animals, they should not be approached as they may attack due to being frightened or protective of their young and will become less fearful of humans."

The emus are also frequent visitors to the Nannup Caravan Park who provide running updates on when the animals take a wander through their park.

"They just cruise around at their leisure," a post on the Nannup Caravan Park Facebook page said, adding that a group of emus had also been seen earlier in 2019.