Severe Storms To Give NSW Another Soaking After Hundreds Share Joy At Seeing Rain

NSW is set to be drenched this weekend, as heavy storms roll in across the state.

Sydneysiders ecstatically posted pictures of flooded roads, dripping ceilings and children dancing in the rain on Friday, after parts of the state enjoyed rainfall of more than 100mls overnight.

Between 9 am and 1 pm on Friday, parts of northern Sydney saw nearly 40mls of rain, and up to 100mls fell along the north coast.

While the showers were warmly welcomed, the excitement could wear off, as the Bureau of Meteorology warns the storms will continue into next week.

Commuters Stuck On Flooded Sydney Road

Forecaster David Wilke told 10 daily storms were expected to continue into the weekend and through to Tuesday.

Wilke said there was concern over flash flooding in the NSW's northeast, while strong winds could prove problematic in the state's west.

The rains, while intermittent, have already had an effect on the bushfires ravaging towns throughout NSW, and are expected to continue doing so.

Wilke said there had been "significant" rain totals over bushfire areas, and hoped this continued.

"The best thing for putting fires out is steady rain," he said.

"Over the course of the weekend, we'll see just how much of an effect it's had, hopefully we will see more change."

A spokeswoman for the Rural Fire Service said there were currently 77 fires burning across the state, a number that was dropping thanks to the rain.

"We've had rain across most of our firegrounds," she said. "It's certainly assisting with some of the smaller fires."

She said while the rain had hindered plans to backburn this week, it had helped to put out fires in northern NSW that had been burning "for months".

A spokeswoman for the State Emergency Service (SES) said they had received 430 callouts since Wednesday afternoon.

Parkes was the state's busiest area after localised flooding around homes and businesses.

Queensland will also see some severe storms across the state, especially along the south-east coast, over the weekend.

"We have a continued chance of some showers and storms through much of eastern Queensland today and tomorrow," Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rosa Hoff said.

"The rain should ease back from early Sunday morning."

Significant rain has been recorded in the past two days. In the last 24 hours there have been falls of 63mm near Charleville, 53mm at Wamuran north of Brisbane and 63mm at Blackwater west of Rockhampton.

But AgForce's Drought Working Group chair Mark Collins says the rain will provide little relief for primary producers and called for more state government support amid crippling drought.

"It's terribly patchy," Collins told the ABC on Friday.

"It's a start and we're hopeful but it takes more than one fall to break a drought."

More than 60 percent of the state remains in drought.