Death Of Australian Father On Flight To Brisbane Linked To Meningitis

An Australian father-of-three who died while on an Air Canada flight to Brisbane last week, reportedly had a non-contagious case of meningitis.

Chris Woodgate, 38, was travelling with his wife and children from Vancouver to Brisbane on Saturday when he died mid-flight.

Their flight was immediately diverted to Honolulu where Woodgate was sadly pronounced dead by the state's Chief Medical Examiner.

It's understood Woodgate had already been sick before boarding the flight in Canada.



Father Dies On Air Canada Flight From Vancouver To Brisbane

An Australian man travelling with his wife and children on an Air Canada flight to Brisbane has died during the journey.

At the time, an Air Canada spokesperson said the flight, with 257 passengers and 13 crew members on board had been diverted to Honolulu because of a medical emergency.

But the spokesperson declined to provide details on what happened to the man.

Now, his heartbroken wife Tanya Woodgate says she has since been contacted by the Department of Health who told her that her husband had died from a non-contagious strand of meningitis, she told Daily Mail Australia.

Meningitis causes inflammation of brain and spinal cord membranes and can be deadly if not treated quickly.

Following her husband's death, Tanya said her family was "in a state of disbelief and shock."

"Our world will never be the same," she wrote on Facebook on Sunday.