Farmer's Got A Wife - And They're Spending Their Honeymoon In A Dusty Ute

It’s the adventure of a lifetime. Sadly, it’s framed by a landscape scorched dry from years of crippling drought.

But for Meg and Ollie Clothier, the seemingly never-ending kilometres of dirt and dust they see out their ute window only strengthens their resolve to keep driving and keep helping.

"Ollie and I are both from the land and for the last four or so years we’ve watched my family, along with many other farmers within Australia, battle with the drought and it’s just heartbreaking," 23-year old Meg said.

To help, they’re spending 2020 on the road, offering to give farmers a much-needed break. They’ll caretake and run their farm, allowing owners to take a couple of weeks off.

Meg and Ollie Clothier (pictured) are spending their honeymoon driving across Australia to help out struggling farmers. Image: Edwina Robertson Photography

"Anywhere in Australia," 25-year-old Ollie explained.

"Anyone who needs a break we’ll be there for them," Meg added.

It’s an incredibly generous offer at a time when couples traditionally focus on themselves. Meg and Ollie married only two months ago, and this is the honeymoon. Instead of an overseas escape to an exotic beach location, they’re feeding livestock and checking fence lines in 45-degree heat.

A labour of love they’re doing virtually for free. They don’t want to be paid but do have two (very understandable) requests.

"We ask for a full tank of fuel when we leave and a place to rest our head while we’re staying here," Ollie said.

The tank of diesel is so they can drive to the next farm. And already they’re clocking up the kilometres.

After announcing their adventure through the Two Young Nomads Facebook page, the requests have been coming in thick and fast.

The couple (pictured) only ask for somewhere to sleep and a tank of petrol in return - so they can get to the next farm. Image: Samara Harris - Beyond the Fence Photography

The couple spent Christmas looking after a property near Ilfracombe in western Queensland, and are now caretaking a property 14 hours south - outside Coonamble in western New South Wales.

“We’ve been inundated with emails which is fantastic. We’re booked up for the whole of January and close to February now. It’s fantastic,” Meg explained.

“If you’ve got a 200-acre property, or you’ve got a 200,000-acre property -- it doesn’t matter how big you are -- if you need a break, email us.

"We’re here to help everyone. It doesn’t matter how big you are.”

You can reach Meg and Ollie at