Man Lost In Croc-Infested Rainforest Who Survived 'May Have Been Deliberately Hiding'

Victorian man Milan Lemic, who survived on berries and fruit after being lost in Queensland's Daintree forest for three weeks, may have been hiding.

Lemic, 25, disappeared on December 23 after walking away from his bogged ute at Bairds Crossing near the Upper Daintree village.

Queensland police said on Tuesday morning he'd been found safe and well on Monday afternoon on the Creb Track, several kilometres north of the village.

Milan Lemic survived with only few cuts and abrasions. Image: AAP/Qld Police.

"He said he'd been eating berries and fruit and of course water is plentiful up there," a police spokeswoman told AAP.

"He has lost weight but is in pretty good spirits considering he has been away for three weeks."

A spokeswoman told 10 daily Lemic was taken to hospital with minor cuts and abrasions, but was otherwise in good physical condition.

The spokesperson said he was found carrying an old biscuit tin.

His desperate family had pleaded for help finding their son. Image: AAP/Qld Police

Lemic told police he had gone for a walk while waiting for a man who offered to fetch a tractor to help free his ute, and then became lost.

However, authorities believe he may have been deliberately hiding from police and SES workers who were trying to find him.

"We cannot confirm at this time that this is a remarkable story of survival ... it could well be a case of active avoidance for some time," Insp Denis Fitzpatrick said on Tuesday, while expressing concern for Lemic's mental health.

Police suspended their land, river and air search - using drones, a boat and quad bikes - on December 30.