Australian Man Dies In Hospital After White Island Volcano Eruption, Bringing Death Toll To 18

The death toll from the White Island volcano tragedy has risen to 18 after an Australian man died in a Melbourne hospital on Sunday night.

The victim, who has not yet been publicly identified, died in an Australian hospital from their injuries more than a month after the eruption.

The Alfred in Victoria confirmed the male patient had died at their hospital and that two women remained in hospital.

"We are sad to inform that one of the three patients The Alfred received from the volcano tragedy has passed away," the hospital said in a statement.

"Two patients continue to receive specialist burns care. One is in a stable condition. One is in a critical condition."

"The death of this person brings the official number of deceased to 18, 16 of whom died in New Zealand and two in Australia," New Zealand Police Deputy Commissioner John Tims said.

More than a dozen Australians were killed after the White Island volcano erupted on December 9.

Many of the victims were passengers on the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship and were on the island for a day tour when the eruption occurred.

Dozens more were also injured and at least 10 Australians were transported back home to receive further treatment after New Zealand hospitals and burns units overflowed with patients.

The bodies of two people Sydney teenager Winona Langford and New Zealand tour guide Hayden Marshall-Inman have not been recovered.



Search For Remaining Two White Island Victims Suspended

The search for Sydney teenager Winona Langford and New Zealand tour guide Hayden Marshall-Inman, both believed to have been killed in the White Island eruption, has been suspended just one day before Christmas.

The search for their bodies was suspended just before Christmas with local authorities believing it's likely they were swept out to sea and will never be found.

A number of funerals have been held for the Australian victims, including for Winona and her parents Anthony and Kristine.

Their son Jesse, 19, was injured in the incident and a heartbreaking message was read at his family's memorial on his behalf as he watched on via a live-stream from his hospital bed.



Triple Funeral Held for Family Killed In White Island Volcano As Son Watches From Hospital

Three members of a Sydney family killed in the White Island volcano tragedy in New Zealand have been farewelled at an emotional memorial service on Monday.

Over the weekend, a funeral was also held for Adelaide man Gavin Dallow who was killed in the disaster alongisde his stepdaughter Zoe Hosking.

The emotional service at Adelaide Oval was attended by Gavin's family who had earlier told reporters about his love for cricket, football and most of all his family.

Gavin's wife and Zoe's mum Lisa Dallow survived the eruption but remained in a critical condition in hospital, according to most recent reports.



Three More Australians Identified In NZ Volcano Tragedy

Three more Australians have been identified following the volcanic eruption in New Zealand on Monday.

The 18th victim has not yet been formally named.

More to come.