Residents Share 'Dust Aftermath' Photos As Storm Sweeps Through Communities

A frustrating clean-up awaits residents in parts of the Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland after a large dust storm rolled in, painting their towns red.

They may look impressive but the sight of dust storms is wearing thin on many residents living in Central West NSW as they clean up after yet another storm.

A Facebook post shared by 'Watching Narromine Shire' showed the particularly painful clean-up for one resident who says they had all their doors and windows shut when the dust storm hit.

The dust is so fine, even shutting windows and doors doesn't help some. Photo: Susan Orchard-Barber

The storms littered communities and even closed the local swimming pool in the heat of summer at the Narromine and the Trangie Aquatic Centre.

Another Facebook post from ‘Regional NSW Topics and News’ kicked off more clean-up conversations by sharing a photo of ‘dust aftermath’ and inviting others to share their own.

A swimming pool forced to close due to dust pollution. Photo: Narromine Shire

“No one got off lightly and unless you had vacuum sealed your home, you are probably waking up to several weeks' worth of cleaning up,” the group wrote on a Facebook post.

“[This] is what confronted me on my front verandah this morning. That's a glass table by the way but you would not be able to tell from the amount of dust on it now.”

The glass table is coated in dust. Photo: Regional NSW Topics and News Blog

Unfortunately, this won’t be the last of the dust with the Bureau of Meteorology reporting more “thick raised dust” ahead for a number of areas including inland NSW.

Dozens of residents have shared their photos to the Regional NSW Topics and News Blog Facebook page.

Here's a look at the clean-up ahead:

Photo: Veneta Dutton
Sweeping in Alice Springs. Photo: Ian Ross
Photo: Kevin Mooney
Keeping a sense of humour, writing in the dust. Photo: Belinda Ann Green
A thick layer on the window sill. Photo: Eloise Jarvid
Don't leave the window down! Photo: Ewe Two On Dandaloo
How many are feeling. Photo: Watching Narromine Shire
Photo: Bec Dance

Featured Image: Getty Images and Watching Narromine Shire