Police Officer Filmed Allegedly Threatening To Use 'Fatal Force' On Driver

Queensland Police has reviewed footage of a police officer who was filmed allegedly threatening to use "fatal force" on a driver during a traffic stop. 

In the released footage taken on the Gold Coast, a male police officer can be seen standing at the driver's window, saying, "I will do what I have to do ..."

"What are you going to do?" the driver asked before the officer responded, "if you get aggressive with me, I will counter that and I will beat you."

"Okay, and what are you going to counter it with?" the driver asked.

"My use of force options -- anything from fatal use of force... to capsicum spray," the officer said.

In the released footage, the officer can be heard saying he will use "anything from fatal use of force ... to capsicum spray". Image: Instagram via garage84

"You're going to use fatal force, while I'm sitting in my car?" the driver replied.

"If I have to," the officer said, adding "you sit there and you do what I tell you to do", as he pointed his finger at the driver.

"You're a joke," the driver repeated several times as the officer walked off.

"You are the one that's getting aggressive here... all I did was pull you over," the officer said.

Video of the interaction, which took place last February in the Gold Coast city of Burleigh Waters, emerged on social media last week.

10 daily understands police have only recently been made aware of the recording.

A spokesperson for Queensland Police confirmed to 10 daily they are aware of the footage, saying it "has been reviewed and is being considered".

In a statement, the spokesperson said Gold Coast Road Policing Unit intercepted a 37-year-old Broadbeach Waters man in Burleigh Waters on February 16 last year.

"The driver was issued two infringements notices for failure to have a number plate attached and alter number plate," they said.

Police claim the footage shared on social media only shows a selection portion of the interaction but said it "has been reviewed and is being considered".