Meteorologist 'Infuriated' With Australia's Climate Policy

Laura Tobin has again lashed Craig Kelly, after her confrontation with the Liberal MP on British television went viral.

The meteorologist also took aim at Australia's climate policies, saying "you're worse than America and China."

Kelly's appearance on Good Morning Britain was beamed around the world overnight, after he appeared on the show hosted by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid to defend Australia's climate policies in the wake of the bushfire crisis.



Craig Kelly Slammed As A 'Disgrace' And 'Climate Denier' In Trainwreck British TV Appearance

Liberal MP Craig Kelly has defended Scott Morrison's response to the bushfire crisis in a fiery interview on British TV that saw him slammed by the hosts as a 'climate denier' and a 'disgrace'.

The Liberal MP began the interview by defending Scott Morrison's response to the fires, but talk soon turned to climate change, with Kelly denying it has been a factor in the unprecedented fires burning across Australia -- claiming "there is simply no trend."

Tobin, the show's meteorologist and weather presenter, fired back and said Australia was battling a "climate emergency".

"Get your head out of the sand," she told Kelly.

"You're not a climate skeptic, you're a climate denier."

Craig Kelly and Laura Tobin going head to head on Good Morning Britain. Image: ITV

After the interview, Kelly mocked the show and Tobin herself in a number of Facebook posts.

"OH NO! IGNORANT POMMY WEATHER GIRL CALLS ME A ‘CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER'," he said on a now-deleted post sharing an article about the interview.

Tobin then seemingly responded on Twitter, laying out her credentials with the hashtags #NotAWeatherGirl, #IKnowWhatI'mTalkingAbout and #DoYou.

She said she had a degree in physics and meteorology, had spent four years as an aviation forecaster with the British Royal Air Force, and 12 years as a broadcast meteorologist.

Speaking to The Project on Tuesday night, Tobin explained why she had told Kelly to "get his head out of the sand".

Tobin said she blamed Australia for the failure at  the recent Madrid COP25 climate summit for the international community to agree on a target to limit global temperature rise to one-and-a-half degrees.

"I remember... looking at the fact that if you guys (Australia) don't sign this article, nobody can move forward," she said.

"You're not even going to commit to this new one-and-a-half degrees, they're saying you just want to limit yourself to that two degrees, and actually, you won't even be able to meet that."

Laura Tobin spoke to The Project. Image: Network 10

Tobin said Australia had tried to get carbon credits from other countries and use "legal loopholes" to meet its emissions responsibilities.

"So I was already kind of a bit infuriated with the stocks that Australia have," she said.

"I don't think that people realise that... as a small nation, and perhaps not as big in population as America and China, but per person, you're worse than America and China... just second in the world behind Saudi Arabia."

Tobin said Kelly "maybe didn't know that" fact, which comes from international climate monitoring projects that find Australia has the highest emissions per capita in the developed world.

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Australia's Chance To Lead The Way On Climate Change Is Going Up In Smoke

On the day 4000 people in Mallacoota had to run into the sea to escape fire, an article from Angus Taylor was published in The Australian newspaper saying Aussies should be proud of our climate change efforts.

Kelly has since told the St George Shore Standard he apologised for his comments towards Tobin.

“I apologise to Ms Tobin to referring to her as the weather girl, as I understood that this was her position on the TV show,” he said.

“However I now understand that she is a meteorologist who reads the weather for that station.”

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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