Kangaroo Rescued After Fire, Allegedly Sparked By Power Tools, Threatens Home

A woman who watched a grassfire come worryingly close to her family home is pleading for people to heed the warnings from fire authorities.

A man using power tools is accused of sparking the fire at Marsden Park in Sydney's north-west, which quickly put other properties at risk on Sunday afternoon.

Jessica Palmer was visiting her parents when she spotted the flames, in the neighbouring property.

“It went from next door’s property all the way down to our property, and we were at high alert,” Palmer said.

The blaze was allegedly sparked by a man using power tools during Sunday's total fire ban. Image: Jessica Palmer

The fire quickly spread, as Jessica’s fiancé and father worked to defend their land.

“Luckily he [Jessica's father] has a water machine himself, and he started watering all the grass here, just to protect our property as much as he can,” she said.

The family battled to keep the flames away from their home. Image: Jessica Palmer

The blaze was said to have destroyed 25 hectares of bush and grassland, as well as damaging three large sheds, before being extinguished by firefighters.

The family also helped rescue a kangaroo joey caught up in the emergency.

“We gave it some water and it had, you know, a little bit of burnt paws and some scratches on its nose so I’m glad we got it to safety as soon as possible.”

This joey was rescued from the flames. Image: Jessica Palmer

Police were called to the scene to speak to the 54-year-old man about the use of an angle grinder and welder during a Total Fire Ban.

He has been ordered to appear at Mt Druitt Local Court on February 19 for failing to comply with a Total Fire Ban order.

The blaze destroyed almost 25 hectares of land, police said. Image: Jessica Palmer

Palmer is urging others to be aware of the risks.

“If you see a problem, make the person aware that they are doing something wrong,” she said.

“Firefighters shouldn’t have been containing something that could have been avoided."

Image: Jessica Palmer

Another grass fire, at Sydney Olympic Park, is also being investigated by police after fireworks were found at the scene.

The fire started about 11.30pm on Sunday night and burnt out a small grass area near a carpark.

Investigators are appealing for anyone with information about the blaze to contact Crime Stoppers.