Horse Owner Shares Alarming Vision Of Snakebite As Warning To Others

WARNING, DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: An Australian horse owner has shared a devastating video of her filly collapsing due to the symptoms of being bitten by a tiger snake.

After two pet dogs were also bitten by snakes, Jackie Peterson said she quickly recognised the symptoms of tiger snakebite in her prized filly.

Peterson was quick to spring into action where she saw her horse Mercedes had a low temperature of 35, huge pupils and was unable to stand due to trembling.

The filly's heart rate and breathing were fine.

It was the same symptoms Peterson had seen in her two dogs when they were bitten by snakes on their Victorian property between Shepparton and Echuca.

The prized filly was unable to stand for long. Image: Jackie Peterson

"Our local vet rushed out but initially thought she would have to be put to sleep suspecting a head injury or colic causing internal bleeding," Peterson told 10 daily.

"I suspected it was a tiger snake bite like the dogs and asked the vet to start IV fluids and at least try to see if we could save her, we'd do anything to save her."

Her fears were confirmed by a specialist at the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, where the nearest anti-venom was.

"She couldn't stand for long so couldn't travel in a horse float and my husband had to drive into Echuca to get the anti-venom - it was an hour and a half round-trip," she claimed.

"The vet treated her for a snakebite but didn’t think she’d live until morning, it was the longest night."

Blood results confirmed it was a tiger snake bite. Image: Getty

Peterson claimed Mercedes would sit up and drink every 20 minutes throughout the night but only with her holding her up.

They also gave her vitamin C and B-12 which she claimed significantly supported Mercedes' healing.

Peterson is sharing her story so other horse owners can understand the symptoms of a tiger snake bite.

"It looks like heat stroke but they don’t get better and the problem is, you need to quickly," Peterson said.



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