Terrifying Video Shows Fire Truck Being Engulfed By Flames

Firefighters who filmed the terrifying moment their truck was overrun by a bushfire on the NSW South Coast have shared how they escaped the inferno. 

Video released by Fire and Rescue NSW on Tuesday night shows a fire truck being encircled by flames south of Nowra, as a massive ember attack crossed the road and closed in on its flank.

Flames and embers can be seen shaking the vehicle, as crew members covered the windows in fireproof blankets.

One crew member can be heard calling a colleague's name: "Jasper put your blanket up".

The crew from Station 509 Wyoming said they were fortunate to safely escape the blaze, but insisted they just doing their job.

Jasper said the crew was tasked to go in and assist a Rural Fire Service (RFS) crew battling the Currowan Fire that has been heading towards Nowra on the state's south coast.

He said their driver safely turned the entire crew around, including four trucks and the car belonging to their IC. But at least two trucks failed due to the extent of the damage.

The Fire and Rescue NSW clip has been retweeted about 12,500 times on Twitter, including by teen environmental activist Greta Thunberg who shared it with the hashtags #thisisfine and #Australiafires.