This Is What The Weather Will Look Like At Your Place On New Year's Eve

How is the weather looking for the last day of 2019?

It's a mixed bag across the country -- sweltering conditions in some places and thunderstorms expected in others.

The east coast will be affected by smoke and possible raised dust, while a predicted heatwave will have set in over on the west.

Here's what the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting for your place on New Year's Eve.


Brisbane is for a partly cloudy day, hitting 30 degrees. Winds in the middle of the day, but they will drop off in the afternoon.

The Gold Coast can expect similar conditions but is predicted to only reach a high of 28 degrees.

Townsville will be in for a mostly sunny day, reaching a top of 33  -- while Cairns can expect a few clouds and a high of about 32 degrees.

New South Wales

Sydneysiders can expect a very hot and sunny day, hitting a maximum of 33 degrees. There will be areas of smoke haze and possible dust. A strong southerly change is expected in the afternoon.

Newcastle will be mostly sunny and a sweltering 37 degrees. The area will also be affected by smoke.

Wollongong is also expected to top 33 degrees, but there is a 20 percent chance of rain.

A possible thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening could dampen celebrations briefly.

Sydneysiders will have to brave the heat to secure a view for the fireworks. Image: Getty
Australian Capital Territory

The nation's capital is in for a sweltering 38 degrees to end the year. It will be partly cloudy and possibly dusty,  and there's a 30 percent chance a storm will hit in the afternoon.


Melburnians have a 60 percent chance of a shower in the morning, which could turn into a thunderstorm.  But that will clear to a sunny afternoon with a top of 21 degrees.

The Geelong and Surf Coast areas also have a chance of a shower and early morning thunderstorms. The sun will be out in the afternoon with temperatures reaching 23 degrees.

The Morning Peninsula can expect much of the same, with a southerly change in the afternoon.



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Hobart is in for a cool day, only expected to reach 22 degrees. A slight chance of a shower in the early morning.

Launceston will reach a high of 24 degrees, but there is a high chance of an early morning thunderstorm. This will clear to a sunny sky as the day goes on.

South Australia

Adelaide will wake up to a cloudy morning, but it is expected to clear into a glorious afternoon, with a top of 25 degrees.

Those in Port Lincoln can expect a cloudy day, but it should clear into the afternoon, with a high of 24 degrees.

In Coober Pedy, it will be sunny with the mercury hitting 33 degrees.

Celebrating the start of 2020. Image: Getty
Western Australia

Perth will be a sunny 30 degrees, with winds from the south expected in the morning.

Kalgoorlie will be slightly hotter, hitting 33 degrees, with the winds from south dying off as the day goes on.

While Broome will be hotter again, reaching 36 degrees, there is a 40 percent chance of a storm in the afternoon.

Northern Territory

Darwin will be waking up to a partly cloudy day, but it will be a sweltering 36 degrees. There is a 60 percent chance of showers throughout the day, and a possible thunderstorm with gusty winds on the cards.

Alice Springs is in for a dusty day, with raised dust from the late morning. It will be sunny and a top of 40 degrees.