Health Warning Issued After 'Lego' Shaped MDMA Shows Up In Australia

Health authorities have issued a warning ahead of New Year's Eve after dangerously high-dose MDMA shaped to look like 'Lego' was found in NSW.

The pills were tested after being seized in northern NSW and were found to have up to three times the common dose, the state's poisons authority warned.

In a separate batch, blue pills sporting the 'Tesla' brand logo were also found to contain far higher doses.

According to NSW Health, the 'Lego' shaped tablets contained approximately 150gm of MDMA, while the 'Tesla' tablets had 130mg.

Pills sporting the 'Tesla' logo were recently found. Image: NSW Health

Professor Andrew Dawson, Clinical Director of the NSW Poisons Information Centre, warned the risk of life-threatening toxicity is greatly increased if high or multiple doses of MDMA are consumed over a short period of time.

“Hot weather will also increase the dangers, as MDMA causes the body to dangerously overheat, potentially leading to organ failure, loss of consciousness and death," Dawson said.

“Consumption of high doses of MDMA has been linked to cases of serious illness and death in NSW. It can cause severe agitation and paranoia, raised body temperature, seizures or fits, heart rhythm problems and death."

The NSW Government recently announced drug amnesty bins would be available at some music festivals to allow patrons to discard of pills without fear of persecution or penalty.



Drug 'Amnesty Bins' To Debut At Music Festivals Next Week, But Questions Remain

The NSW government's new drug amnesty bins will be debuted at New Year's Eve festivals next week, but questions remain about how exactly they will operate.

The amnesty bins were announced as part of the government's response to recommendations following the inquest into deaths at music festivals.

"We believe amnesty bins are a good way to increase safety. So that young people if they see police or other activity, don't panic and have the opportunity without any questions asked to throw those pills into the bin," NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said of the bins.

Dawson urged anyone who feels unwell from MDMA to immediately call Triple Zero.

“Importantly, look after your mates. If you feel unwell, or if your friend feels unwell, do something about it. Don’t ignore it. You won’t get into trouble for seeking medical care,” he said.