Family Lends Police Their Jet Ski For Christmas Morning Canal Chase

A Queensland family has helped out police on Christmas Day, loaning an officer their jet ski for a chase on the Gold Coast canals.

At around 6am on Christmas morning, police began following a man who was allegedly driving dangerously on a small boat on waterways near Chevron Island.

After the man allegedly failed to come ashore when instructed by police and instead drove into the Broadbeach Waters canal, police spoke to a family nearby who offered to loan the officer their jet ski.

The officer hopped on the jet ski and began pursuing the man who was subsequently taken into custody at a nearby location.

Police said investigations are continuing in relation to his driving.

Video shared by Queensland Police shows the officer later returning the jet ski to the family and shaking their hand, before posing with them for a photo.

"Always good to have a little jet ski on Christmas morning," an officer can be heard joking with the family in the video.

In a statement, Queensland police thanked the family for helping the officers.

"A true Christmas gift," they said.

Featured Image: QLD Police