Hip-Hop Festival Drip World Cancelled After Being Dubbed 'Australia's Fyre Festival' By Some Fans

A hip-hop festival has abruptly been cancelled just two weeks before it was due to kick-off, months after it was accused of being 'Australia's Fyre Festival' by some angry fans.

Drip World festival organisers have blamed "unforeseen circumstances and artist availability" for cancelling its entire national tour just 12 days before it was due to begin.

The festival was originally scheduled to visit Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in August and September. A full-day lineup of artists included American music stars Migos, French Montana, Lil Xan, Akon and more.



Drip World: Angry Fans Dub Event ‘Fyre Festival Australia’ Over Refund Delay

The Drip World festival was meant to be held in September but it was suddenly postponed days before the first concert, six weeks later angry music fans are still waiting for their refunds.

However, just five days before its first scheduled date in August, the festival's promoters Yellow Live announced it was "picking up the festival and moving it from Winter to Summer … January 2020".

At the time the organisers cited "reasons beyond ours and the artist’s control."

10 daily understands some key artists had not had travel visas approved to enter Australia, forcing the late postponement.

To make up for the delay, the festival organisers promised fans a "guaranteed 'like for like' or "better" lineup for its new dates -- but the festival never announced a new line up.

The originally scheduled dates for the Drip World festival. Image: Facebook

Refunds were also offered to tens of thousands of ticketholders nationwide who could not, or did not want to, attend the rescheduled concerts.

Despite saying ticket refunds would be processed within 14 days once lodged, some fans claimed on the Drip World facebook page that they are still waiting for refunds as of December 23.

The abrupt date changes, delay in ticket refunds and silence as to which artists would be on the new lineup, left some fans to question whether Drip World could be Australia's "Fyre Fest" -- a reference to 2017's infamous cancelled Bahamian music event, the subject of a Netflix documentary.

Yellow Live told 10 daily in October it was committed to staging the rescheduled festival -- but on December 20, the plug was pulled on Drip World.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances and artist availability, Drip World will not be proceeding in Jan 2020. We have full intentions to deliver our full vision at a later date and deliver the Drip World experience we promised you," the festival wrote on Facebook to the page's 21,000 followers on Friday.

"We will be processing a full refund to all ticket holders. If you are holding a ticket you don’t need to do anything to access this refund, it will be automatically processed for all current ticket holders."

Ticketholders quickly slammed the festival in the comments section, one person calling the situation an "absolute joke".

"Still haven’t seen a refund and still can’t get an email back. What a joke," one person wrote, while another said, "I still haven’t received my refund from the first time they postponed."

Others said they had received their refunds quickly, soon after applying.

Akon was one of the big names announced on the original Drip World lineup. Image: Getty

In October, Yellow Live promoter Lui Spedaliere said the festival had to undertake "significant financial restructuring to complete the requested refunds", saying far more people wanted refunds than they anticipated.

"We also did not anticipate the amount of time to manually process each and every refund request after the first 14-day period along with answering all refund enquiry emails," she told 10 daily at the time.

10 daily has contacted Yellow Live for comment about the cancellation.

American rapper Lil Xan was also part of the original lineup. Image: Getty

"We hope to have the last of the returns completed no later than Monday, 27 January (extra time delays are due to unavoidable holiday disruptions from third parties)," A post on the Drip World Facebook page read.

The festival thanked fans who had kept their tickets, rather than asking for a refund, and committed to running another event next year instead.

"The new year will bring a bigger Drip World line-up than the last," the Facebook post continued.

"We aren't the first festival to postpone or make a massive come back; we definitely believe what doesn't kill us makes us stronger."