#TooStrongForYouKaren Merch Sold Online In Response To Racist Comments

The phrase ‘Too Strong For You Karen’ has gone viral after a Victorian couple were filmed verbally abusing their neighbours and questioning a man’s Aboriginality -- to the point where the slogan is now on a t-shirt.

Kira Djnalie first shared the video of their father, Mildura based Indigenous artist Robby Wirramanda, being confronted by his neighbours on Saturday.

The video appeared to show the couple repeatedly questioning Wirramanada's Aboriginality as they attempted to tear down an Aboriginal flag that could be seen in the footage.

Wirramanda can be heard in the footage telling the woman, who he identifies as "Karen", that the flag she is tearing down is too strong for her -- sparking the hashtag #toostrong4karen.



McDonald's Restaurant Owner Loses His Store After 'Racist' Rant At Neighbor

A senior McDonald's franchisee has been fired and his partner claims she's received death threats after their alleged rant at an Aboriginal neighbour was filmed and posted to social media.

Thousands have since shared their support from Wirramanda and his family with #toostrong4karen trending across the country.

Djnalie, who has been sharing messages of support on their social media pages, has also released an assortment of merchandise featuring the slogan on online marketplace Redbubble.

The merchandise includes shirts, stickers, mugs and phone cases, and features the #toostrong4karen tagline as well as a silhouette of a female figure trying to tear down an Aboriginal flag.

Image: RedBubble (Beautifultd)

Melbourne based Djnalie said any money raised from the merchandise would go directly to the First People of the Millewa-Mallee.

"My family isn't the only ones hurting from this, we will continue to heal our communities," Djnalie told 10 daily.

The original video has been shared more than 2,000 times on Twitter.

Image: RedBubble (Beautifultd)

The man in the video was identified as McDonald's franchisee Robert Vigors.

“Which one percent of you is Aboriginal?” Vigors allegedly asked Wirramanda in the footage.

“There’s nothing in you that is Aboriginal. Okay, you can do nice paintings but you claim to be Aboriginal? You make me laugh.”

McDonald's has since released a statement to confirm that Vigors had been fired and that the company had taken over operation of restaurants in Mildura and Irymple.

A woman named Karen Ridges spoke to the Daily Mail about the footage, saying there were 'two sides to every story'.

Independent MP Ali Cupper who represents Mildura is one of many who have shared their support for Wirramanda.

Cupper shared a photo of her office with an Aboriginal flag hanging outside. The image was captioned: #toostrongforyoukaren.