Couple Accidentally Threw Wedding Rings Into 30 Tonnes Of Trash

A group of kind council workers have helped pull off a Christmas miracle after a Melbourne couple accidentally threw their wedding rings into 30 tonnes of trash.

The couple from Melbourne's east, who wish to remain anonymous, was renovating a home with their family of five on Saturday when they accidentally threw the small jewellery box in the rubbish pile.

Inside the box were their engagement and wedding rings.

Without realising their mistake, the couple then took the rubbish containing their precious heirlooms to Stonnington Waste Transfer Station in the suburb of Malvern.


Eventually, the penny dropped and they contacted the centre as it was closing and were advised to return in the morning.

After a sleepless night, the couple went back to the waste depot the following day and were met by council workers who helped them sift through 30 tonnes of trash.

Council workers helped the couple sift through tonnes of rubbish. Image: Supplied

Somehow luck was on the pair's side and the workers managed to find a pink garbage bag that contained the rings.

A City of Stonnington spokesman told 10 News First the find was "a little bit of Christmas magic", but stressed it was a unique circumstance.

He said the station does not offer a service whereby workers can readily empty the transfer stations looking for items that have been thrown out.

In this case, he said the couple's rubbish was already in the truck ready to be taken away, and that they "were able to witness as the truck disgorged its load".

Our guys went way above and beyond, and we are pleased to have saved some memories.
A Christmas miracle! Image: Supplied

"But it was very fortunate that the process lined up in such a way that the people were able to have a fairy tale outcome.

"This is not something we would or will do as a matter of course."

He advised the public to be wary of what they throw away as it's hard to get back treasure once it's deemed trash.



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