'Everything Is All Burned Out': 10-Metre Flames Destroy Apple Pie Maker's Family Home

As 10-metre flames approached his Bilpin home, Sam Ramaci braced to fight the blaze.

The deafening roar as the Gospers Mountain fire thundered across his property was intimidating. He and fire fighters used hoses to try and extinguish the flames as they licked the walls of his family home and his cool room --storing five months of supplies for his business.

But the blaze was overpowering. The intense heat meant the water seemed to evaporate the minute it left the nozzle.

The Gospers Mountain blaze as it approached Ramaci's property. Image: 10 News First.

Crews managed to extinguish fire inside one home on Ramaci's property, but his family home, where his three children grew up, could not be saved.

"The rest of my property is all burnt," Ramaci told 10 News First.

"All the grass is all burnt and everything. Trees are all burnt."

Ramaci is known in Bilpin in NSW's Hawkesbury region for the apple pies he sells at his cafe. Now, all his supplies have been turned to ash.

"Cool room is gone. It was full of stuff, the cool room and everything is all burned out. You wouldn't even know it was a cool room. It's just a bit of rubble left and that's it," Ramaci said.

"That's the business. We have been closed for the last week making no money and now, who knows what is going to happen."

What remains of Ramaci's cool room and his business supplies. Image: 10 News First.
Outside an apple pie store in Bilpin. Image: 10 News First.

The NSW RFS issued an emergency warning for the Gospers Mountain fire on Sunday afternoon after the blaze broke containment lines and began burning out of control.

The fire was downgraded on Monday morning to watch and act level.

The blaze, which is roughly the size of Greater Sydney, spans from Lithgow in NSW's west through to the Hawkesbury and towards the Central Coast.



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