McDonald's Restaurant Owner Loses His Store After 'Racist' Rant At Neighbor

A senior McDonald's franchisee has been fired and his partner claims she's received death threats after their alleged rant at an Aboriginal neighbour was filmed and posted to social media.

In the video, a couple can be seen on the property of artist Robby Wirramanda in Mildura, Victoria. The woman, who Wirramanda identifies as 'Karen', can be seen tugging at an Aboriginal flag hanging from the frame of a garage door.

“You’re trying to rip my flag off; you’re a drunken f***ing bum. You’re a racist pig," Wirramanda, who filmed the incident, can be heard saying.

“I’m not racist ... take this s**t down, it’s a disgrace," Karen said back.

The woman appears to be tugging at the flag. Image: Twitter/Beautifuldeadly Deconolonisation.

As the woman continued to pull at the flag, Wirramanda said, “It’s too strong for you Karen," prompting the hashtag #toostrongforyoukaren to trend on social media.

The man in the video, identified as senior McDonald's franchisee Robert Vigors, questioned the legitimacy of Wirramanda's Aboriginal heritage.

“Which one percent of you is Aboriginal?” Vigors asked Wirramanda.

“There’s nothing in you that is Aboriginal. Okay you can do nice paintings but you claim to be Aboriginal? You make me laugh.”

“Because of the colour of my skin?” Wirramanda said back.

The man appeared to question Wirramanda's heritage. Image: Twitter/Beautifuldeadly Deconolonisation.

“People like you make a mockery of true Aboriginals. I have a lot of good Aboriginal friends they would love to see you and give you a lecture about what an Aboriginal is,” Vigors appeared to respond.

“What’s a true Aboriginal? This s**t is going viral. I want to show racists like you to the world,” Wirramanda said.

As the couple walked away from the property, Karen said, "Go and live in your f**king humpy down the river".

The video was posted online by Wirramanda's adult child to an account with the handle '@toostrong4karen'.

The video gained serious traction over the weekend, with thousands sharing and commenting on the post, and #toostrong4karen trending across Australia over the weekend.

The woman appears to be tugging at the flag. Image: Twitter/Beautifuldeadly Deconolonisation

McDonald's released a statement regarding the video on Sunday, revealing they had fired Vigors.

"McDonald's confirms the Company has taken over the operation of the Mildura and Irymple restaurants, effective immediately, and Robert Vigors has left the system and is no longer involved," the statement said.

Karen Ridge spoke to the Daily Mail regarding the incident and said she'd been targeted by Wirramanda before the 'rant'.

“There are always two sides to every story and there was a great deal of harassment before this event occurred,” she said.

She also claimed she's received death threats and her pet cat has been attacked.

Vigors was fired by McDonald's. Image: Twitter/Beautifuldeadly Deconolonisation.

Robby Wirramanda's family said they are "sickened" by the rant, but are proud of how he handled it.

“I feel sickened, as does my family. Robby stayed super calm throughout this disgusting racist rant," the daughter said on Twitter.

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