Lives, Homes Still At Risk From WA Blazes

Thousands of properties have been saved from a bushfire raging out of control north of Perth but authorities say the threat isn't over.

A new bushfire is threatening lives and homes in Mogumber, north of Perth.

An emergency warning has been issued and residents have been asked to shelter. The bushfire is out of control and moving fast in a northeasterly direction.

The Yanchep blaze remains at an emergency warning after firefighters protected more than 6000 homes from the near-12,000 hectare blaze.

One house and a Yanchep service station are confirmed to have been lost.

"If you look at where the fires have gone, it is absolutely astonishing that we haven't lost more than one house," Emergency Services Minister Fran Logan told reporters on Sunday.

A bushfire in Yanchep, Western Australia. Image: AAP.

But communities are warned to remain vigilant, with Perth and the fire area forecast to reach 40 degrees Celsius for the third day running.

Lives and properties are under threat at Guilderton, Woodridge, Gabbadah, Wilbinga, Caraban, Seabird, Yeal, Redfield Park, Soverign Hill, Seatreets and Breakwater Estates.

Parts of Two Rocks, Neergabby, Yanchep, Gnangara-Moore River State Forest, Moore River National Park and the Yeal Nature Preserve are also covered by the warning.

A watch and act warning is in place for parts of Yanchep, Two Rocks, Breton Bay, Seabird, as well as parts of Gabbadah, Wanerie, Ledge Point and Eglinton.

Firefighters are on the scene consolidating and strengthening containment lines.

Emergency services said firefighters have saved over 6000 homes in the area.



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"(It's) reasonably calm at the moment," Department of Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Darren Klemm said.

"But this afternoon we're going to have both the north and the northeastern sections of this fire ... come under pressure from the southerly and then the southwesterly wind."

"The threat hasn't passed."

Evacuation centres have been set up at the Gumblossom Community Centre at Quinns Rocks and the Granville Civic Centre at Gingin where a community meeting was to be held on Sunday.

A bushfire in Yanchep, Western Australia. Image: AAP.

Four schools - Two Rocks Primary School, Yanchep Primary School, Yanchep Beach Primary School and Yanchep Secondary College - will be closed on Monday.

Nearly 260 Two Rocks households have lost power and it's unclear when it will be safe to repair the network.

Internet and mobile phone services have been disrupted at Two Rocks and Yanchep.

Another emergency warning remains in place for a separate blaze at Yourdamung Lake, northeast of Bunbury.

It covers an area bounded by Baroda Road to the north, Norm Road to the south, Collie-Tallanalla Road to the west and Collie-Williams Road to the east.

A bushfire in Yanchep, Western Australia. Image: AAP.

A watch and act is also in place for the same fire, between Norm Road in the north, Hull Road, Booth Street and Lintoft Road to the south, Harris River Road to the west and Collie-Williams Road to the east.