'Severe Heatwave' On The Way As Australia Preps For 'Hottest Ever Day'

Australia could experience its hottest day on record next week as hot air from Western Australia is pushed east across the country.

Perth is currently sweltering through an unrelenting heatwave, with the city forecast to record above 40 degree temperatures for four consecutive days, and the heat is expected to spread nationwide.

The West Australia capital will experience some relief with a cool change on Monday, but this sweeping wind will likely push the hot weather east across the rest of Australia.

"We're expecting some incredibly warm conditions as we head into next week, potentially record-breaking for a number of areas across southern Australia over the next seven days or so," BOM meteorologist Diana Eadie told the ABC.

A heatwave is expected move across Australia next week.  to Image:

Currently, the hottest day on record was January 7, 2013, when the average maximum temperature was 40.3C.

"At this stage with these sorts of temperatures that we're forecasting… it looks like we could break that record over a number of consecutive days towards the end of next week," Eadie said.

"We will potentially see the hottest day on record across all of Australia."

The hot temperatures will move into South Australia and into the east, possibly breaking state records.

"The hot winds are moving from Western Australia and the Northern Territory into our state [South Australia] and that's how we are getting those hotter temperatures," Senior Forecaster Mark Anolak from the South Australia Bureau of Meteorology told 10 daily.

The BoM in South Australia has warned residents of a "severe heatwave" that will hit over the weekend, pushing temperatures into the 40s.

"We are not forecasting our highest ever temperature, but it might be a December record that we will have. We are seeing very hot temperatures so there is a potential for record-breaking December weather," Anolak said.

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It is only November and already New South Wales and Queensland are suffering from catastrophic bushfires, which fire and emergency services personnel themselves are describing as unprecedented.

The highest ever recorded temperature in South Australia stands at a scorching 50.7 degrees. The record temp was set at Oodnadatta on January 2, 1960.

There could also be increased fire danger in South Australia next week, so people in rural areas are being reminded to be vigilant.

"With those hot and dry conditions, we will see an increase in fire danger and the comforting thought, if you'd like to call it that, is we aren't seeing those strong winds associated with very dangerous fire dangers," Anolak said.

Australia has consistently been one of the hottest countries in the world this week, and the trend is likely to continue over the weekend and into next week.

Australia has been one of the hottest countries in the world. Image:

Sydney is expected to see tops of 33 degrees next week, while Melbourne will reach 39 on Friday and Brisbane will get to 32. Hobart will reach a top of 27 degrees next week.

Perth has a slightly cooler forecast, with tops of 33 degrees on Monday and a drop to a more comfortable 27 later on.

Adelaide, Canberra, and Darwin will experience temperatures above 40 degrees.

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