You Are What You Google: What Top Internet Searches Reveal About Australians

From bushfires, to plant-based recipes and how to pronounce 'psalm', Australians spent 2019 searching all sorts of quirky topics.

The results for Australians' most Googled topics for 2019 paint a picture of an election-aware nation, with a love of sport and a craving for scones.

2019 was a year defined by natural disasters including bushfires, floods and cyclones. The top trending search for 2019 was 'Fires near me', which is also the same name of a Rural Fire Service app people in bushfire zones were urged to download so they could access information about the blazes.

Australians have a range of different interests. Image: Getty Images.

Other top trending news searches included 'Cyclone Oma' which hit the coast of Queensland in February and 'Townsville Flooding' which also occurred in the early months of 2019.

The Google results showed Australians were engaged in the results of the 2019 federal election, with 'election results Australia 2019' the fourth most searched trending term.

Image: Google

Australians were also concerned about natural disasters and politics overseas. Searches for the fires in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, as well as the Christchurch terror attack and Hong Kong protests, sat at the top of the table.



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Sports events also rated highly across a number of categories. The Rugby and Cricket World cups came in second and third most Googled in the trending category. In terms of sports personalities, tennis world-number-one Ash Barty topped the list and AFL football star Tayla Harris came in 9th.

Australians turned to Google for advice on how to vote for Liberal and Labor during May's federal election, as well as how to vote more generally. They were also keen to learn 'how to watch Game of Thrones' and how to pronounce the word 'psalm'.

Image: Google

The Google data revealed a little about Australia's eating habits, including what Aussies were interested in cooking in 2019.

Plant-based foods were the top search, reflecting the growing trend for people to eat less meat, or go vegetarian or vegan. There was also an increased number of people searching for the Keto diet.



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Surprisingly, the humble scone was the second most Googled recipe in Australia for 2019, while beef stroganoff came in third and apple pie in fifth place.

Image: Google.

The 'Why is ...'category also returned some interesting insights, with the most searched term being 'why is Madonna wearing an eye patch at Eurovision?" This was followed by 'why is the Amazon burning' and 'why is Australia Day on the 26th'.

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