Fans Blast Cricket Organisers As Play Continues In Smoke

A Sheffield Shield match between the NSW Blues and Queensland Bulls has been played despite a thick blanket of smoke at the SCG.

The final day of the match was marred by complaints from fans that players had taken to the field on Tuesday.

A Cricket Australia spokesperson told 10 daily the match continued "unhindered".

"There's an index that measures what is considered reasonable and it didn't get high enough to be considered a problem," they said.

It is understood the "magic number" is about 200 on the air quality index, the spokesperson said.

The SCG could barely be seen through the smoke. Image: AAP

However, according to the Department of Industry, Planning and Environment's air quality index, the air quality in nearby Randwick was at 2149 between 10am and 11am.

This number is nearly 11 times over the 200 threshold that is considered 'hazardous'.



Sydney's Most Iconic Landmarks Disappear As Smoke Suffocates City

The Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Town Hall vanished on Monday as thick bushfire smoke hid them from view, shut down public transport and forced residents indoors.

Fans have slammed the decision to let play continue.

Video and photos of the match show the players and ball barely able to be seen.

For the record, NSW won by nine wickets.