Aussie 'Hot Chip Critic' On Quest To Find Best Value Fry Up

One Melbourne man is on a mission to find the best value hot chips serving -- and he's sharing his heroes journey with fellow potato connoisseurs.

'Instagram chip critic' is a job title many of us have only dreamed up -- but for Brandon Gatgens,  it's real.

The Melbourne man has been trawling his city's fish shops for nine months, looking for the best value for money of 'minimum chips'.

For those not in the know, 'minimum chips' refers to the smallest amount of hot chips a store will sell you -- a favourite of school kids, or those just after a small snack.

Brandon Gatgens is on a never-ending search for the 'maximum minimum'. Image: 10 News First.

 "The belt loop has gone out by one size since I started this adventure," Gatgens laughed on Tuesday.

He said the extra weight is a sacrifice he's prepared to make 'for the good of the country'.

Brandon Gatgens orders a serve of minimum chips. Image: 10 News First.

Gatgens' methodology is rigorous, separating the chip haul from its packaging to ensure each weigh-in was fair and equitable. He photographs his chip hauls and calculates the dollar amount per 100 grams, sharing the results on his Instagram page, @minimumchipsmelbourne.

"I had someone suggest I get a job with the weights and measurements government department," he joked.

"Lots of people nominating me for Australian of the year."

On Instagram, he describes his ongoing investigation work as 'the never-ending quest for Melbourne's maximum minimum'.

The spectacular @minimumchipsmelbourne Instagram grid. Image: Instagram

Like all good things, he said the idea started at the pub, before spiralling into a mini-viral phenonemon. He has amassed more than 8,800 Instagram followers since he began his quest almost a year ago.

However, despite the extensive research, he said there are "no findings" from his work.

"You can go to any chippo and it's somewhat random," he explained.

"I had some preconceived notions on where I'd find the most chips ... they've all been blown out of the water."

The minimum chip serve from Hobsons Bay Fish and Chip shop in Williamstown. Image: Instagram

Gatgens claimed the best bang for buck is Hobsons Bay Fish & Chip Shop in Williamstown -- "688 grams and it cost me about $4," he said.

With great power comes great responsibility. Use this information wisely, folks.