Watch: Deadly Eastern Brown Snake Caught In Cat's Collar

Kit the cat surely used one of his nine lives after the world's second most venomous land snake became stuck in his collar.

Rolly Burrell from Snake Catchers Adelaide responded to the call for help at the weekend and was shocked by the scene.

“I’ve only seen two like that in 40 years since I’ve been catching snakes,” he told 10 daily.

The snake became stuck in Kit's collar. Photo: Goldie Rock

The video of the rescue was posted on Facebook with the public quick to suggest it was fake.

“It certainly wasn’t set up!” Rolly clarified.

In his experience, he believes Kit likely encountered the snake using his natural hunting instincts.

“The cat had bitten the snake in the middle and was running around with it. The snake’s managed to get its head through the collar and hang over the other side while the cat kept walking around.”

While untangling the snake from Kit’s collar only took about 30 seconds, it wasn’t as easy as the video made it look.

“It’s not catching the snake that’s tricky, it’s getting the cat to come to you!”

“Maybe we should carry a can of whiskers,” Burrell joked.

Gaining the cat's trust is challenging for snake catchers. Photo: Goldie Rock

Kit didn’t escape unharmed, receiving multiple snakebites.

Owner Goldie Rock said the cat is recovering indoors at home after an overnight vet stay.

“We took him to the vet even though not showing symptoms, just to be sure,” Rock wrote.

“They did a test and he had eastern brown venom in his blood. So he’s had antivenom and fluids overnight. Phew!”

Unfortunately, the snake was killed in the encounter.

The Eastern brown snake is the second-most venomous land snake in the world. Photo: Adelaide Snake Catchers

“The snake’s heart is about 30 or 40 inches from its head so that’s where the cat was biting,” Burrell said.

To avoid similar situations, Burrell’s advice to cat owners is to keep their animals inside or in purpose-built cat runs.

Passionate about native wildlife, he believes snakes need protection.

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