Stunning 80 Kilometre Walk Between Two Iconic Beaches Finally Open

A walking track linking two of the world's most iconic beaches opened on Sunday morning. 

An 80-kilometre track between Sydney's Bondi and Manly beaches opened at 11 am on Sunday.

The walk takes in some of the city's most spectacular harbour and coastal views, including the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The walk offers visitors a new look at the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Image: Supplied.

The walk, which follows the Sydney foreshore, also takes visitors past swimming hot spot Parsley Bay and some of Sydney's most historic homes including Vaucluse House, Strickland House and Elizabeth Bay House.

Walkers also have the chance to encounter some of Sydney's history with the track passing author of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie author May Gibbs' home and Georges Head -- Sydney's home of military history.



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The track is also rich in Indigenous heritage, passing ancient engravings and rock art at Grotto Point. The path is marked with over 350 distinctive Aboriginal Whale Symbol signs, so it's easy for walkers to follow the path.

The walk is marked with the Aboriginal Whale Symbol. Image: Supplied.

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