Smoke On The Water: Sydney Beach Turns Black With Ash

With bushfires raging on all sides of Sydney, the city's once pristine beaches are beginning to turn black from charcoal, smoke and ash.

Thinking of going for a dip in Sydney? Perhaps think again.

First air pollution, now water. Photo: Bill Code

As the summer heat settles in, so too does the smoke from nearby bushfires and it's beginning to show.

Sydney documentary maker, Bill Code, noticed the change in Sydney's beaches at the weekend.

Charcoal washed ashore from NSW bushfires. Photo: Bill Code.

Rather than the famed ocean blue waves, his video showed black water tumbling onto a charcoal covered beach.

The vision was recorded at Malabar Beach, one of the lesser-known beaches in Randwick.



Why The Sydney Smoke Haze Is Worse Than Ever Before

No, you're not imagining it. The smoke has been especially bad this fire season.

Smoke is expected to blanket Sydney again in the coming days, with Tuesday pinpointed for particularly poor air quality.