Convicted Paedophile And Former Labor MP Granted Parole

Disgraced former NSW Labor minister and convicted child sex offender Milton Orkopoulos has been granted parole and is expected to walk from prison before Christmas.

The State Parole Authority, chaired by Justice James Wood, delivered the decision on Friday morning.

The former minister was said to have an "average" risk of re-offending but after completing recommended programs he reported an "understanding of his problematic behaviour" and how he "placed his own sexual gratification... over his victims".

The 62-year-old  former NSW Aboriginal affairs minister was sentenced to a maximum of 13 years and eight months jail in 2008, with a non-parole period of nine years.

Orkopoulos making his way into the Newcastle Court House, 2008. Image: AAP

He was found guilty of 30 child sex and drug offences, including having sex with minors and supplying them with cannabis and heroin in the Hunter Valley region and Lake Macquarie.

Three of his victims were in their mid-teens when they met the former minister and all had experienced trauma or vulnerabilities in their early lives.

One of the victims, described as "victim d"  was introduced to the former minister by his grandparents at a Labor party function.

Another had expressed an interest in politics and was offered work experience at the ex-politician's office.

Prosecutors revealed one of the 'relationships' began as early as 1995 and that victims suffered serious impacts on their schooling, depression, loss of friends and continued drug use.

Orkopoulos during court proceedings. Image: AAP

As conditions of his bail, Orkopoulos must not communicate, harass or stalk his victims or their family members, not be in the company of anyone under 16 years old without supervision, and not enter the Lake Macquarie or the city of Newcastle government areas.

The former minister failed two drug tests while incarcerated which he said was "embarrassing and disappointing".

He provided a urine sample that was negative to drug use in April.

During sentencing, Newcastle District Court Judge Ralph Coolahan said Orkopoulos' "premeditated, predatory and manipulative" actions were a breach of trust that had far-reaching impacts on his victims.

The former Aboriginal Affairs Minister was booted out of the Labor Party in the wake of the revelations, with then-premier Morris Iemma calling the case "sickening".

Orkopoulos first became eligible for parole in 2017 but it was refused because he did not take part in a sex offender program.

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