eBay Slams Prankster's Attempt To Sell 'Sydney Bushfire Smoke'

eBay has shut down a poor attempt at a joke after an internet prankster listed smoke from the Sydney bushfires on the website.

The online marketplace slammed the prank, saying it will not allow people to profit from tragedy.

The listing, which appeared on Tuesday, was titled 'RARE Sydney Bushfire Smoke'.

10 daily understands it was posted to eBay by a Sydney resident.

The short-lived 'auction' was accompanied by one photo of the smoke, which has blanketed the city as the state of NSW battles a fire crisis.

A second photo uploaded with the listing was of a plastic container.

The listing price was $60, plus postage of $12.

eBay has slammed a listing as NSW deals with a bushfire crisis. Image: eBay

The seller -- who posts prank and viral videos to Instagram -- alerted 10 daily to the listing, claiming it was sold within 20 minutes.

Screenshots of the listing were shared on Instagram with the caption: "Easiest $72 I’ve ever made!"

"Just sold a container full of Sydney bushfire smoke! I’m basically an entrepreneur," the caption read.

As of Tuesday morning, 119 bush and grass fires were burning across NSW, with 48 uncontained.

The haze in Sydney in recent weeks has been particularly bad, with smoke choking the city for days on end.



Why The Sydney Smoke Haze Is Worse Than Ever Before

No, you're not imagining it. The smoke has been especially bad this fire season.

Air quality had reached hazardous levels in parts of south-western Sydney on Monday evening and was recorded as 'poor' in parts of the city's east.

The smoke 'buyer' appeared to have never bought anything off eBay previously.

This led some to question on Instagram whether the listing's legitimacy.

In messages to 10 daily, the seller insisted the listing and sale was legitimate.

"I do pranks but I didn’t do this for Insta I just put it up to see if sold! Then it did and [I] ended up posting it because it’s unbelievable."

eBay says it won't tolerate people profiting from tragedy. Image: eBay

10 daily has attempted to contact the user who purchased the item.

eBay told 10 daily the sale wouldn't be going ahead.

On Tuesday afternoon the auction house confirmed they had cancelled the listing and blocked the sale from going through.

“We do not allow listings that could enable individuals to profit from tragic events or disasters. This listing is in breach of our policy and the sale will not be completed," eBay said in a statement to 10 daily.

The listing has been removed from the site.

Smoke blankets Sydney Harbour on Monday. Image: AAP.

"While we take every step to be vigilant against listings that break our rules, eBay is Australia’s largest online marketplace with 1.4 billion global listings and 40,000 Australian sellers.

"We encourage members of the community to let us know if something doesn’t look quite right," an eBay spokeswoman said.

The seller said he was "spewing" about eBay's action in cancelling the sale.