Aussie Farmer Tragically Loses Both Legs In Gruesome Accident

Warning: Graphic Content

Australian farmer Gavin Howie has shared his miraculous story of survival after losing both of his legs in a tragic accident.

The Northern Territory grazier was mowing his lawn when he fell off his tractor "awkwardly" and got both of his legs entangled in its machinery.

The father of two was alone on the farm and had his legs almost completely sawn off.

His wife Lauren and their two children were on holidays at the time in Western Australia.

With his legs hanging by a thread, Howie was just able to drag himself towards his phone and call his neighbour for help.

“I don’t know whether I got out of the tractor and bumped a lever or something,” Howie told 60 Minutes.

“They say there was drag marks if I have tripped over whatever my phone has come out of my pocket, and the mower’s dragged me, they said 15 metres. They could see where I crawled back to my phone,” he said.

Despite the 36-year-old's horrific injuries, he was numb from the pain for close to an hour.

Howie's neighbour Sam Thurkle told 60 Minutes it was a "pretty messy" scene and he didn't know if he'd find his best friend "dead or alive".

Lauren Howie was on holidays in WA with their two children at the time of the accident. Image: 60 Minutes

"I didn’t know if I was going to find him dead or alive. Once I got there and saw him and started talking to him it was pretty good," Thurkle said.

Thurkle then called the paramedics who were surprised to find Howie was able to survive such a severe incident.

"When we first got there we saw Gavin lying on his back and we thought this is a fatality straight up,' Paramedic Antoni Kwitkowski told 60 Minutes.

Howie needed several surgeries after his accident. Image: 60 Minutes

"Got out and got closer and noticed that his chest was rising and falling so he was breathing. And then when he actually said 'g'day' then he was fully conscious," he said.

It's been nine months since the accident and Howie is now learning to walk again.

His final surgery cost $200,000 and required steel rods to be placed into his bones.



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His surgeon said his injuries were some of the worst he'd ever seen but Howie's main concern was when he'd be able to return to work.

The advanced technology in Howie's new prosthetic legs will develop to become part of his nervous system.

He can already feel the ground beneath his feet and will continue to feel more sensations over time.

"There's no point being down about it, it's not going to get you anywhere is it?," Howie told 60 Minutes.

'That'll get you nowhere. You've just gotta make what you can in life and that's what we're doing now. Life's gotta go on, you gotta get back on your feet."