The Musicians Making A Difference For Australia's Homeless Youth

Musicians Making A Difference is using the power of music to help change the lives of 20,000 at-risk young Australians each year.

MMAD is a charity that uses music to support young people, particularly those who have suffered childhood abuse, neglect or disadvantage, in overcoming challenges such as homelessness, destructive patterns of behaviours, substance dependency and re-offending.

The group is releasing a new song to show how the power of music can lead to social change.

The charity encourages people who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds to use their life experiences to help to create change in the lives of others.

It is the fifth year Universal Music Australia has partnered with MMAD to mentor a group of young people through the charity to release a song.

This year's song will be released on MMAD Day on December 6.

Dominic Brook, MMAD founder, said the charity uses "power of music" to help young people in need.

"For so many, music has helped them survive unimaginable adversity and hardship including homelessness, mental illness and childhood trauma," he said.

"It has helped many to not only survive but to thrive in life."



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The charity is also asking the public to share a song that has had a positive impact on their life, using the hashtag #MyAnthem on the same day.

One Republic lead vocalist, Ryan Tedder, is a supporter of the charity and has joined this year's campaign of artists sharing how music has changed them for the better.

"Music has helped me through difficult times, I think like anyone else. I had difficulty interacting with people and was very introverted and shy in my teenage years ... music was my release," he said.

"The song that changed the course of my life would be Jeff Buckley ‘Last Goodbye … He inspired me to start a band.’’

For Australian rapper D Minor, real name Daniel Harvey, MMAD has been an important part of his life.

D Minor first experienced homelessness at age 11 and came into contact MMAD while living in a refuge during his teen years. It was there youth workers saw his passion for music.

"I experienced homelessness from a very young age, I went through refuges and foster homes and music was there and kind of help me survive," he told The Loop.

"Music was like therapy, king of helped me just express and an outlet for what I was going through."

D Minor's new single, Homerun, tells his story of growing up homeless, with part of the proceeds going towards MMAD -- who he is now an ambassador for.

"I wanted to shed light on a situation that is pretty massive, and hopefully use my music and my story to inspire others who are going through situations like that," he said.

D Minor credits MMAD with helping him emotionally, physically and for getting him into university.

Network 10 has partnered with Musicians Making A Difference as part of its 10 Gives initiative. 

Feature Image: Musicians Making A Difference