Teen Bushfire Victim's Emotional Plea To Scott Morrison

Eighteen-year-old Shiann Broderick, who lost her home to the devastating bush fires in NSW, has hit out at Prime Minister Scott Morrison for "failing to act" on climate change.

In a sit-down protest on Friday, Broderick and hundreds of school students across the country showed solidarity with bushfire victims and protested the government's inaction on climate change.

Broderick's home was destroyed just before her 18th birthday party in the catastrophic fires at Nymboida near Grafton in NSW.

The teenager, who travelled to Sydney for the protest on Friday, said smoke choked the air and the sky turned from grey to orange on the day her family were forced from their home.

Shiann Broderick from Nymboida lost her home to a bushfire. Image: SBS

"The glow coming over the hill was getting bigger ...  The scenes were apocalyptic and terrifying. There was an eerie feeling. Something bad was about to happen," she said.

Standing outside the NSW Liberal Party headquarters in Sydney she said the prime minister's "thoughts and prayers" were not enough.

Our homes are burning and you're sending me your thoughts and prayers. Prime minister, your prayers and thoughts are not enough.

"This is an emergency. This is a crisis ... Listen to the indigenous leaders, listen to the former fire commissioners, listen to the scientists, " she said.

The protests came after Prime Minister Scott Morrison offered "thoughts and prayers" for bush fire victims but refused to discuss climate change.



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"There is a time and a place to debate controversial issues and important issues, right now it's important to focus on the needs of Australians who need our help," Morrison said.

During the protest, students demanded 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and no new coal and gas projects.


They carried signs calling for "science not silence", as others complained the coalition's "making me middle-aged at 16" and "you're burning our future".

Luca Saunders, 14,  a school strike organiser from the Blue Mountains, accused the government of neglecting its responsibility to protect citizens.

People have died. People have had to evacuate. Communities are hurting and they deserve more than our government's empty words.

"[The Liberal Party] have the power to do something about this crisis and it's not happening. It's not even summer yet and NSW and Qld are in the grips of a catastrophic fire crisis. It's already burnt more than the last three years combined," she said.

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