Sam Kerr Refused Flight By Jetstar Over 'Damaged' Passport

Matildas captain Sam Kerr has taken aim at Jetstar over a "damaged passport".

The Australian footballer was booked to fly with the budget airline on Wednesday when she was informed she would not be able to board the plane due to the condition of her passport.

"What a joke," Kerr tweeted.

"Jetstar Airways won't let me travel due to a damaged passport."

Photos posted by Kerr show slight damage to the binding at the corner of her passport.

Jetstar told 10 daily the particular airport Kerr was flying to, which was not revealed for privacy reasons, has cracked down on the condition of passports in recent months.



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Because of this, Jetstar staff now take proactive measures by not allowing passengers flying to this particular airport to board with a damaged passport, as they will be placed on the first flight back to Australia upon arrival.

"Our crew don’t like being the bearer of bad news but they have to enforce the Immigration requirements of the countries we fly to," a Jetstar spokesperson said.

"Some countries are more strict than others on this and won’t let you enter the country with a damaged passport."

Sam Kerr recently signed with English powerhouse Chelsea. Image: Chelsea FC

Not allowing passengers with a damaged passport to board a plane that is flying to this particular airport is standard procedure, Jetstar said.

The airline said it is now working with Kerr to rearrange her travel plans.