Man's Lucky Escape From Pizza Shop Before Massive Explosion

A Sydney pizza shop owner was forced to flee his store when a gas main exploded inside, engulfing his restaurant in fire.

Nadim Albassit, 25, was preparing to open his store, 'Jailhouse Rock Pizza' in Earlwood, for the day's trade when he heard a loud bang.

"The ovens weren't on yet, we looked around and didn't see anything suspicious," he told 10 News First's Ursula Heger.

"I walked over to where the gas meter was ... and I realised that it was on fire,"

The fire spread around the gas meter quickly, so he shouted at three staff members in the kitchen to evacuate. The workers ran outside, escaping the danger.

Albassit then called his father Willy, who is also a restaurant owner.

Nadim and his father, Willi. Image: 10 News First.

"He rang me and said, 'dad, my shop is on fire' and I said, 'get the hell out of there' ... luckily the gas meter didn't blow his face off," Willy told 10 News First.

Albassit ran across Homer Street and called emergency services, before another explosion boomed. He turned to see fire slowly engulfing his shop.

"Everything just went up in flames. I couldn't believe my eyes," he said.

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