'Absolutely F**king Smashed': Russell Crowe Says Fires Still Burning Near His NSW Property

Russell Crowe has returned to Australia to inspect the damage to his NSW property and surrounding areas caused by bushfires on the state's mid-north coast, saying there's smoke 'everywhere you look'.

The actor's property near Coffs Harbour was spared during the worst of the Nana Glen fire that devastated the area on November 14.

On Monday, Crowe drove through the blackened bush to inspect the damage.

In a video update posted on Twitter, Crowe said he encountered a number of fallen trees blocking the road.

"We're up here, trying to get across to this ridge road, but we keep coming across things like that," Crowe said as he panned the camera towards a fallen tree.

"So I've got a few boys behind me chopping through with a chainsaw, but I don't think we bought enough chainsaws.

"I can feel we've got a long way to get to where we are supposed to be."



Russell Crowe Shares Photos Of Bushfire Damage To NSW Property

Australian actor Russell Crowe has shared photos of his fire damaged property in NSW after bushfires tore through the area.

Crowe then turns the camera around to show viewers the blackened trees and ground.

"Look at this place, mate," he said.

"Absolutely f***ing smashed."

Crowe previously posted photos of the damage to his property in the days after the fire tore through the area.

His photos showed a burnt-out boat and trailer, broken plant pots and more blackened trees.

On the day of the fire, Crowe was not in Australia but tweeted his family were safe and that they were staying with friends.