Three Teens Arrested Over Alleged Stolen Minibus Joyride

Three "foolish" teens were given a stern warning by police after they stole a minibus and caused “carnage” in an affluent Castle Hill street.

Two boys, aged only 15, saw the Hills Grammar bus parked at the Castle Hill RSL on Sunday night and allegedly decided to break in.

Police say they found the keys inside and proceeded to take the vehicle on two-kilometre joyride around the suburb, picking up a third teen along the way.

But it was in Applecross Avenue where the trio came unstuck, side-swiping and crashing into several parked cars before hitting the brick wall of a driveway and coming to halt.

Christine woke to “repeated bangs” just before 1am on Monday, and saw her car was one of many which had been hit.

“I saw a young boy heading across the road, he shot off down the street and another boy was diving through the back window grabbing his belongings,” she said, explaining what she first saw when she ran outside.

“The lady across the road said ‘don’t go, stay’... We looked up the street and saw the rest of the carnage.”

The crashed bus. Image: 10 News First/Kimberley Pratt

Two of the teens didn’t get far though, being arrested in a nearby park.

The third was taken to the police station early Monday morning by his mother,

Upon hearing this, Christine described their actions as “very foolish”.

“Fancy doing that, look what they’ve done they’ve destroyed people’s cars and property,” she said.

“Just imagine if someone had been on the road and they’d taken their life.”

Image: 10 News First/Kimberley Pratt

Her neighbour Christian, just a year older than the offenders, also condemned their actions.

“It’s crazy, I could never imagine doing this, especially in a mini bus,” he said.

The three teens be dealt with under the Youth Offenders Act.