Boy Punched In Face During Angry Tirade On School Bus

A young high school student from Sydney's lower north shore has been left with bruises and a chipped tooth after he was allegedly attacked by a man on board a bus packed with other students.

NSW Police believe the incident occurred after a minor collision between the bus and the man's car on Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove at about 6pm on Wednesday.

It's alleged the man boarded the bus and struck a 15-year-old student, leaving the boy with bruising and a chipped tooth.

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The student was part of a group from Sydney's Shore School who were returning from sporting practice on Wednesday afternoon, 10 News First has been told.

Video sent to 10 News First shows a man boarding the bus and launching into a lengthy tirade aimed at multiple students on board the packed bus.

School Boy Allegedly Punched In Face In Bus Attack

In the video, the man can be heard yelling who "stuck their finger up" and calling the students "smart a**** c****" and "little b****".

Students can be heard trying to calm the man down.

The video later shows the man striking one of the students in the face before asking if he "wanted another one". He continues yelling and eventually leaves the bus after being asked several times.

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It's believed the man fled the scene before authorities arrived.

Police later found the man, 20, at a nearby underground carpark and his details were recorded before he was released pending further inquiries.

The Shore School told 10 News First it is cooperating with police and has followed up with all students involved.