Love Is In The Air: Couple Get Married At 37,000 Feet On Jetstar Flight

Cathy and David Valliant have combined their love of aviation and each other to take their special day to new heights.

The couple tied the knot 37,000 feet above the Tasman Sea on Jetstar flight 201 -- the Sydney to Auckland.

Wanting their special day to be memorable, Cathy posted on Jetstar's Facebook page asking if the airline company would host their nuptials.

"I thought: 'I’ll be cheeky and ask Jetstar'," she said.

"I was so excited when they said they’d see what they could do."

Jetstar organised Cathy and David's dream wedding. Image: Jetstar

Cathy is from New Zealand and David is from Australia.

Both wanted to have a wedding that symbolised their love for both countries and each other.

But it's their love for aviation that brought the couple together.

"We met in 2011 playing a game called Airport City," Cathy said.

"We chatted for more than a year and then I got up the courage to call him for his birthday and sing him Happy Birthday."

The first place they met in-person was at an airport.

"We first met in person in 2013 at Sydney Airport when I took my first trip to Australia," Cathy said.

"We locked eyes and that was it!"

The couple were officially married halfway between Australia and New Zealand. Image: Jetstar

On October 9, the couple were joined by their nearest and dearest and were married while flying high in the sky.

Jetstar organised for the couple's friends and family to sit at the front of the plane to watch the ceremony officiated by celebrant Robyn Holt, who also happens to be a ground crew member.

"It was a really special occasion and definitely the first time I’ve conducted a wedding in the air!" Holt said.

"Being a part of Cathy and David’s day and celebrating their love and their passion for aviation was unforgettable."

The couple's friends and family were all sat at the front of the plane to watch. Image: Jetstar

While the couple's wedding was in the air, their engagement nearly was as well.

"We went together on our first Dreamliner flight where David had planned to propose on board but he got too nervous with all the surrounding passengers," Cathy said.

"He eventually proposed that evening."



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The happy couple said their wedding day was the "most amazing experience" and one they would "remember for the rest of their lives".

"Since we met four years ago we’ve done so much together, it’s hard to picture life without him," Cathy said.