If You Thought The Smoke In Sydney Was Bad, Try This Outback Dust Storm On For Size

A dust storm has ripped through the Victorian town of Mildura, turning the sky red and orange.

The thick haze of orange, earth-red dust  blanketed the regional town about midday.

High winds in Mildura, in the state's northwest, caused the dust storm on Thursday as the temperature soared to 40C.

A code red fire warning is in place across the state, meaning residents have to be ready for the worst bushfire conditions.



Code Red: Victoria To Face Worst Possible Fire Conditions

Victorians facing Code Red bushfire conditions have been told their houses are not built to withstand the conditions and they should get to major cities if they can.

"The sky is literally brown, the dust in the air is just so thick. The sky is now deep orange. And the wind is harsh," a resident, who wanted to be known only as Leonie, told AAP.

"It is just atrocious. This dust, we have had it so often and it is becoming a norm for us."

The mother, who is at work at a news agency, said the store was "full of dust" and she was having some trouble breathing because she has asthma.

A video posted online showed a thick orange and red cloud blanketing Mildura.



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Nothing To See Here, Just A Dust Storm Over Mt Kosciuszko

Nice trick, mother nature.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Tom Delamotte said the dust storm was to be expected given a "very dry year through the northern part of the Mallee".

"So anytime that we have had windy conditions over the past month or two they have seen dust storms, and given that today is very windy we are seeing quite a lot of dust picked up in the air," he said.

"It's that brown, orange kind of dust up there and that is why the sky has that tinge to it. It is like fog, that dust is so thick."

Visibility at the Mildura Airport is down to 300m, Mr Delamotte added.