Postie's Plea Ahead Of This Holiday Season

In the last year, 370 post deliverers have been bitten by dogs on the job.

Now, in the lead up to the Christmas season, Australia Post is reminding the public to help out posties by making sure their dogs can’t access the letterbox.

The busy holiday season will require Australia Post to hire 3,000 more staff with a staggering four million parcels expected to be processed on the Monday before Christmas.

Australia Post. Image: Getty

CEO Christine Holgate said the safety of staff is of "paramount importance" to Australia Post.

"This Christmas our posties and drivers will be hitting the road to help deliver a record-breaking Christmas, but we want them all to be home safe celebrating with loved ones at the end of it," Holgate said.

"Being safe everywhere, in everything we do, is about looking after our people. They're not just our posties and drivers, they're also our friends and family -- and operate in all the far-reaching communities of our network."



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Postie Stephen Gregan has the scars to show what can happen when an unsecured dog has access to the letterbox.

"I had the parcel in my hand and I put it in the letterbox and a dog jumped from behind the wall," he told 10 News First.

"I've got a scar which is a good conversation piece, still reminds me of the dog that bit me on the day."

Stephen Gregan's scar from a dog bite. Image: 10 New First

Australia Post has been trialling an ultrasonic dog repellent that emits a sound at frequencies that only dogs can hear.

But the organisation is also asking dog owners to make sure their pets are kept in the backyard, or if they are in the front yard that they be on a leash so they can't reach the post deliverer.

"Just look after your local postie and he'll look after you with your Christmas presents," Holgate said.