Ettamogah Pub To Be Renamed, And Queenslanders Are Pissed

Every Queenslander to make the Sunshine Coast family holiday road trip is familiar with the Ettamogah Pub that stood proudly by the Bruce Highway at Aussie World.

Over the past couple of years the "cartoon style" pub has been covered in scaffolding, had its iconic truck removed from the roof, balconies added and a new tropical theme take over. Now Aussie World has announced the pub is about to take on a new name.

The Banana Bender Pub.

The new name will officially be launched Thursday, with Queensland State of Origin legend Wally Lewis there to do the honors. But if reaction on social media is anything to go by, he might be there to soften the blow of the 30-year-old icon's rename.

"Jail the person responsible for this!" Sandra comment on the announcement, before clarifying she was having a laugh: "Lol seriously what were they thinking!!"

"Yet another Aussie icon gone to the dogs," Ray complained.

Other commenters said they'll never acknowledge a new name, always referring to it as the Ettamogah.

The original Ettamogah Pub name was based on a cartoon from the now defunct Australasian Post magazine, an intellectual property dispute in 2014 resulted in the pub changing its name and removing any likeness to the pub in the cartoon.

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