Petition Saves Hero The Staffy From Being Put Down After Dog Mauling

A petition signed by hundreds of thousands of people has saved Hero the Staffy from being put down, after he was filmed mauling another dog to death to protect his family.

Hero, a miniature Staffy, fatally mauled a Dachshund named Coco on November 5 at Pakenham, Victoria.

Coco's owner, Kashila Chintamunnee posted photographs of herself covered in her dog's blood on social media after the incident.

In a Facebook post, she accused Hero of mauling Coco to death.

Chintamunnee claimed the Staffy killed her dog and that Hero's owner Claudia Harrison and her child "walked away" after the attack.

Dog Mauling
Image: Facebook/Kashila Chintamunnee.

One image showed blood smeared on the footpath, while in another photograph Chintamunnee's dress was drenched in blood.

But not long after the incident, CCTV footage emerged telling a completely different story.

Chintamunnee's three dogs were shown escaping from an opened garage door before racing towards Harrison, her young child and Hero, who was wearing a harness as they walked through the park.

Dog Mauling
Image: Facebook/Kashila Chintamunnee.

In the footage, Harrison is seen grabbing her son and jumping onto a picnic table while Hero stepped in to defend the family, eventually mauling Coco to death.

Harrison and her family hired a lawyer and a petition was started in a bid to save Hero from being put down.

The woman who started the petition, Emma McLean, claimed the Staffy could have been put to sleep “because of the negligence of Coco’s owners”.

Jessica Lynch


Please Stop Hounding Staffies For Protecting Their Families

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO. I'm sick of uneducated people hounding my dogs simply because of their breed.

“Hero’s owner was doing the right thing, walking her dog on a leash in a leash only area,” McLean wrote.

Harrison's lawyer contacted McLean and told her the petition saved the Hero from being put to sleep.

"We can't express enough how thankful we are to each and every one of you and the Harrison Family feel the same way," McLean wrote on Facebook.

Hero the staffy. Image:

"They are over the moon with all your messages, love, support and are forever grateful."

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