The Aussie Church Using Kanye To Spread The Good Word

A church in Sydney's west has held a pop-up concert to celebrate Kanye West's new gospel-themed album, hoping it will attract young people to religion.

St John's Anglican Cathedral in Parramatta decided to hold a 'Jesus is King' pop up concert after the Ministers fell in love with the album.

David Ould, Senior Associate Minister at the church, told 10 daily the rapper's latest foray into gospel music left him glad he "finally" he had a Kanye album without lots of explicit language.

"I listened to the album when it dropped and I loved it," Ould told 10 daily.

Kanye West performs Sunday Service during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival. Image: Getty

St John's is positioned in Parramatta's shopping mall, meaning there is a constant flow of foot traffic by its doors. Ould is a lover of all things quirky, and thought the mix of modern music and the old walls of the church was just that.

"I went into the Cathedral one lunch time to smash it out really loud and see if any passersby would hear it and be intrigued," Ould said.

"But the walls are so damn thick you couldn't hear it outside."

Minister-in-training Marc Safari had another idea.

"He said 'why don't we have a listening party?'" Ould said.

"So I said to him 'sounds great, make it happen'."

About 200 people attended the pop up concert. Image: St John's Anglican Cathedral

On November 7, the Anglican church was bathed in blue lights and packed with worshippers for the unique style of service.

"The young adults [of the congregation] bought their friends, and we had about 200 people there," Ould said.



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But the concert wasn't just for playing Kanye's tracks.

After the album was played, Ould and other ministers -- who admits to being a "Kanye geek" -- spoke about the lyrics and what the rapper was trying to say.

"I spoke more to the Bible and the Christian content and we just basically helped people understand what they were hearing," Ould said.

The Minister explained what each song was trying to say about Christianity, Image: St John's Anglican Church

West might not be the first artist people would think of when it comes to a church service, but Ould believes different.

"What it does is reach into a group of people who wouldn't have considered Christianity for awhile, " he said.

"It's a weird clash, Kanye but he's a Christian, but I think he is a genuinely converted man."