Man Fined A Whopping $3,300 After Police Spot Him Towing A Car

A man has been slapped with a hefty fine after he was caught running a tow truck business from his car without a licence.

NSW Traffic Task Force police stopped the driver last Thursday when his Toyota Landcruiser was towing a Holden Commodore.

Officers noticed the towed car was missing its engine and gearbox and had to be winched onto a trailer, with the winch still fitted to the trailer, according to the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command.

The driver told police he runs a business collecting cars from the general public and cashes them in.

Officers noticed the towed car had to be winched onto the trailer, with the winch still fitted to the trailer. Image: Facebook via Traffic and Highway Patrol Command / NSW Police Force

But police checks revealed he did not hold a tow truck drivers licence and did not have a registered tow truck business.

Officers fined the driver a $2,200 fine for carrying out a two truck operator business without a licence, and $1,100 for driving an unlicensed tow truck without a drivers certificate.

Photo: NSW Police

He was ordered to have the Commodore towed by a licensed two truck and driver.



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