McDonald's Are Bringing Back Iconic Happy Meal Toys

Take a walk down nostalgia lane with McDonald's.

To celebrate 40 years of the Happy Meal, McDonald's is releasing a limited edition range of meal toys.

The fast-food giant is bringing back iconic toys included in its Happy Meals from the past four decades.

The limited-edition range is being released in 90 countries, and on Thursday it is Australia's turn to get its hands on the memorable toys.

The set will include favourites from 1988 to 2013. Image: McDonald's

Fifteen toys will be released as part of its Surprise Happy Meal so parents can go down memory lane with their kids.

“Parents tell us how fondly they recall their favourite toys,” said Colin Mitchell, McDonald’s Senior Vice President, Global Marketing.

“So, unboxing the Surprise Happy Meal together creates a real moment of bonding with their children.

"We hope these toys are something that they will treasure and remember.”



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The line-up of iconic toys are a throwback to famous pop culture moments, from Space Jam to the Power Rangers to the well-know Maccas characters.

 McNugget Buddies - 1988

Fireman, Mailwoman and Cowboy McNugget Buddies. Image: McDonald's

These three were part of a series of television commercials that aired in the 80s. They originally came with interchangeable accessories, such as hats, shoes and hair.

Changeables - 1989 & 1991

Hamburger Changeable and Dino Changeable. Image: McDonald's

Also known as McRobots, these were released in three series in 1987, l989 and 1991. They could transform from robots or animals into Maccas' food products.

Grimace - 1990

Grimace. Image: McDonald's

This favourite purple-haired monster first appeared in 1979 and originally had four arms so he could carry each flavour of milkshake. By the time this particular toy was released he had been changed to the two-armed creature we know today.

McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird - 1993

Hot Wheels Thunderbird. Image: McDonald's

McDonald's originally joined in on the Hot Wheels craze in 1991, releasing their own version. This version is from the company's 1993 series that was a 14-part set.

Hamburglar - 1995

Hamburglar. Image: McDonald's

Another Happy Meal original from 1979. Hamburglar started out as an eraser when included in the meal, but by 1990 was a plastic toy.

Power Rangers - 1995

Power Rangers. Image: McDonald's

McDonald's also joined in on the popularity of the television, comic book and movie favourite that is the Power Rangers. This set of five figures originally came with their trusty vehicles.

Space Jam Bugs Bunny - 1996

Space Jam Bugs Bunny. Image: McDonald's

Get your Air Jordans on and slam dunk this iconic toy. This series was released to coincide with the Looney Tunes movie Space Jam.

Patti the Platypus- 1997

Patti the Platypus. Image: McDonald's

Teenie Beenie Babies have always been a collector's favourite, and Patti is no different. This little guy is still one of the most sought after toys and is McDonald's all-time best-selling toy.

Tamagotchi - 1998

Tamagotchi. Image: McDonald's

McDonald's released their own version of the tiny creatures, although these ones didn't require as much care as the real Tamagotchi. Originally part of a set of five, they also 'hatched' a gooey creature you could actually play with.

My Little Pony - 1998

My Little Pony. Image: McDonald's

My Little Pony first galloped on to the scene in 1981 and became a pop culture revolution with televisions shows, movies and now annual conventions. McDonald's has released a number of lines, including one this year, featuring our horse friends.

Furby - 1999

Furby. Image: McDonald's

Every 90s kid wanted a Furby friend to call their own, and Maccas had its own 'McFurbys'. Based on the first 1998 series by the fast-food company, McDonald's went bigger and better a year later with eight series each with 10 Furbys.

Hello Kitty - 2013

Hello Kitty. Image: McDonald's

Hello Kitty has been a favourite of McDonald's, releasing its first series of the famous character in 2000. This version is from the 2013 release.